Ten Thousand Too Far?

When standing atop Mount Baird, the tallest peak in Idaho’s Palisades Range, getting ready for a hard earned ski descent, I pointed my camera at my ski partner and asked: “How high are we Sam? Ten thousand and what?”

“Ten thousand too far” he gasped.


Ten Thousand Too Far bloomed from my passion for writing, my love of the great outdoors and a current void in the amount route information available on the internet, especially pertaining to the Idaho/Wyoming region. My hope with this blog is to provide information and inspiration to all those who seek it, with detailed trip reports and perhaps the occasional tidbit about nutrition or gear. I am also a photographer, so by default 10K2Far is also canvas for my photos.

Who Am I?

My name is Brandon Wanthal. I am a ski mountaineer, rock and ice climber, aspiring alpinist, long distance runner, training geek, gear nerd, nutrition nut and extremely amateur photographer trying to work as little as possible, and play as much as possible, in the great outdoors. I currently live with my girlfriend in Teton Valley, Idaho, and enjoy a simple life of writing, cooking and training whenever I am not in the mountains.


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